Made to Measure

Can't find your size? Or not sure about the fit?

No problem-just send us a message below or chat with us on our online chat at the bottom of your screen, to find out if we can alter your item according to your measurement, or if we can make the item you want in your size.

If approved, just put in your measurements in the comment section at checkout.

This will ensure that you are not disappointed when your items arrive.

This service is free of charge at no additional cost. This excludes any secondary alterations after the order has been shipped.

Please note we do not accept returns/refunds on made to measure items.



Sizing Chart
Ask a friend to help you measure and jot down the following measurements in (cm)
 A- Your bust Measurement (ladies, this is not your bra size)
     This is the measurement around the fullest part of your chest.
     (While you are being measured, relax your arms at your side to get the
     correct measurement)
B- Waist Measurement
     Your waist is the narrowest part of your abdomen, above your hips
 C- Hip Measurement
     Measure around the fullest part of your hips, find your hipbones as a             guide
D- The final measurement we will need for your dress to fit perfectly is your      "Underarm to finished length" measurement-
      this is basically taking the measurement from your underarm
     (wear a camisole and measure from the bottom of the armhole) to the           length that you want your dress to be.
*Very important- wear the shoes that you will be wearing with the dress or heels with the same hight when taking this measurement!